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Photos are not just light captured, they are stories preserved for the Generations to follow. Pictures don't lie, even if they "stretch" the truth sometimes.
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Just a beautiful capture of a Brooklyn Summer Night.

Just a beautiful capture of a Brooklyn Summer Night.

He marched down Nostrand Avenue for over twenty years taken on the toughest drug dealers & most violent felons the City of New York has ever encountered. Today, this same Avenue has thriving business with customers waiting in long lines to purchase coffee, bagels, muffins, Etc. The Davis’ Dad, Mom & Brother’s “Love Yourself” Stop The Violence plan of action was successful. Back than, the concern was cleaning up the Avenue. & providing a safer, more healthier environment were people can live in a community in peace. Today the concern is ensuring that peace remains as well as not letting the people who fought hard, lived, marched, prayed, Etc. become priced &/or pushed out from the community which they built. Like Nostrand Avenue (now co-named James E. Davis Avenue) the political landscape has changed & just like Nostrand Ave (James E. Davis Avenue), we continue to need a voice that
respects the history & residents that were here for years as well as someone who knows how to welcome new residents, business owners, Etc.
That voice is GEOFFREY A. DAVIS.
Vote DAVIS Sept. 9, 2014
NY State Committeeman/District Leader 43rd Assembly District
Crown Heights, Prospect -Lefferts Gardens & East Flatbush.
Tried & Tested

I swear with the placement of the street lamps shadow and her skirt it looks as if she is floating on air…

I swear with the placement of the street lamps shadow and her skirt it looks as if she is floating on air…

Rain? What stinking rain..
I am starting to master this technique, this time I did not use triggers or ETTL cord, but Canon wireless and the 430EX. Gotta love OEM equiptment that works well together.

Today I was asked to take photos for the East New York Farms Summer Saturdaze and Nightz. I have TONS of great photos I COULD post but I am leaving them for Catherine A Green. These I just could not resist temptation and show you guys. OMG. I mean I got chills looking at the Black and White. I am sure in the following days I will sneak in one or two more, but these are just a smidgen of what was happening in East New York today.

Well I was the proud Uncle tonight. One Niece was working hard behind the scenes on her Dance School performance and the other was singing her heart out and doing a different rendition (which needs to be recorded) of Blurred Lines and other original songs. What does one do in such a scenario? Go to one, work behind the scenes, then watch the other an hour later…these are just the previews of the night I had.

Last week I was hired the last minute to take photos for a talent show hosted by PureElements dance company. Here are just a few from that night.

A satisfied client #chrisbanks2014

A satisfied client #chrisbanks2014

Just a few photo from behind the scenes taken at The Gloria Eve Performing Arts Foundation
I did a complete session with the Performing Cast of 2014, but it was the director and choreographers who I found amusing! These were taken at the end when the dancers wrapped up and the chief ladies decided to show these youngins’ who really has the power! LOL

The Youngbloods’ Jazz Quartet’s mission is to educate and entertain unprivileged communities. Our goal is to establish a nonprofit that promotes community development and local acts.

The Surprise Saturday Series was first introduced on September 21st, 2013 in collaboration with the Five Spot Soul Food Restaurant and musician Shanelle D. Jenkins.

The series attempts to highlight independent and emerging talents throughout the Tristate area; such as, music-inspired paintings by local artist Broygue Fleurimon, music provided by DJ Eddie Nocentelli, and musical collaborations by Youngbloods’….(see more at: http://youngbloodsjazz.wordpress.com/)